Winter Damage: Maintenance Repair Tips

| 10 February 2014
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Between the icy cold temperatures, freezing rain and heavy snowfall, winter can be extremely unkind to the interior and exterior of your home. For some of us, the reality of serious damage from old man winter has become all too real.

Have repairs gotten the best of you, and your home? Well, Landmark Home Solutions is here to help! Here are some practical solutions and useful advice for dealing with common repairs this winter season:

Problem: Flooding
When the snow melts and the temperatures rise, water seeps into your home, leaving you with water damage from the inside out.

Solution: Inspect your property thoroughly. You should also perform proper maintenance to your roof, which includes cleaning debris, snow and ice from gutters and down spouts.

Steps to solving this problem:

1. Shovel snow away from the house, especially any snow that is near the basement windows.

2. Ensure your gutters are clean and clear of all leaves and debris. If this is neglected, water will have nowhere to go, causing it to enter your home when the snow melts.

3. Check and thoroughly inspect the exterior of your property. Do you notice anything that could prevent melting snow from draining away from the house? It’s always a good idea to clear a path for the water, just to be safe.

Problem: Escaping heat

Are you sick and tired of paying for a high heating bill every month, when you aren’t even enjoying the temperatures rising within your home?

Solution: Inspect your home and install storm windows and doors; these will keep your home toasty warm throughout the winter season. They will also keep out dust, wind and noise.

Steps to solving this problem:

1. Travel from room to room within your home. Which room feels the coldest? This room should be your top priority. FYI: different parts of the house lose heat in different amounts, so it’s always a good idea to find the main source of the problem, and to prioritize from there.

2. You should also check for leaks within your home as well. Besides windows and doors, other common draft sources include baseboards, cable/phone lines, and dryer vents.

No matter what problem you experience this season, it’s important to always identify and make repairs to damaged areas as quickly as possible! The sooner you resolve any issue, the sooner you can help prevent problems from getting out of control.

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