The Best Replacement Windows For Each Standard Size

| 14 MAR 2018

When shopping for replacement windows, you will notice several in standard dimensions. These preset windows are expected to fit into most rough window openings in homes across the country. Of course, they won’t fit every frame, but producing several sizes that work for most homeowners is an effective solution for quick window replacements. Standard vs. Custom Windows The biggest advantage of standard windows is that they’re ready-made, and can be fitted soon after. However, many homeowners are getting more creative with their windows. If your home has standard windows, then the sizes and measurements are listed. It takes more or less the same time to make both standard sized and custom sized windows. In fact, custom windows do not necessarily cost more, but of course, it depends on your specifications. Common sizes of standard window replacements Standard rough openings are made in different sizes to fit a specific type of window. So when you’re shopping for a replacement window, it will be easier to stick to the same type with the same dimensions. Some of the common types of window replacements include: Double hung windows These are very popular across the country, and come in a wide range of standard…

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4 Best Window Styles For Your Kitchen

| 6 December 2017

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your home, aside from your bedroom. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it makes sense that all the details are just right. If you are thinking about new windows for your kitchen, below are some tips and…

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How To Choose The Best Windows For A Brick Home

| 17 April 2017

Choosing the right new windows for your brick home, or undertaking single-hung window installation for your home is no easy task. With all of the options available on the market, you want to choose something that is going to go great with your brick. It comes down to personal taste,…

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How To Ensure Your Windows Are Secure

| 27 February 2017

Your windows are the gateway to your home. They keep out the elements, they ensure that the temperature is regulated and they also, very importantly, keep unwanted people out of your home. Break-and-enter is a fairly rare occurrence as far as the general population goes, but depending on where you…

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What Are High Performance Windows?

| 15 September 2016

When choosing new windows, many people select their new windows based solely on price, aesthetic and the convenience of having them installed. This means that, while they often end up with windows that look good from the street, they are not getting the best windows possible for their environment, climate,…

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