Are Your Gutters a Fire Hazard?

| 4 SEP 2018

It is important to take fire prevention measures around your home. Some common precautions include trimming tree limbs that hang over your home, removing dried yard waste and cut grass, and cutting back any shrubs that are blocking your air conditioning unit. What many homeowners forget to do is clean their gutters. This step should be included in everyone’s fire prevention checklist. Dried debris like leaves and twigs can easily become a fire hazard. They not only make your house look messy, but are an easy way for a spark to catch and can quickly turn into a house fire. If your roof is also covered in dried debris, the fire can quickly catch on and spread even faster. A spark from things like wildfires, barbeque grills, backyard fire pits, or a neighbor’s house fire can land in your gutter and can immediately become disastrous. Houses can be made fire resistant, but they are not fireproof. Many homeowners believe that if their home exterior is brick and use shingles that are fire resistant material, then the home cannot catch fire from the outside. Although the materials are fire resistant, this does not mean that your home is fireproof. There are…

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Gutter Problems During Harsh Winters

| 15 January 2018

Gutter Problems During Harsh Winters Your gutters are one of your home’s main lines of defence against water and water damage. Properly looking after your gutters will go a long way toward making sure your home and the surrounding area remain free of the damage that can come from too…

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4 Tips For Properly Cleaning Gutters

| 27 November 2017

Ask any gutter installation company how to get the most out of your gutters and make sure they have a long, useful life, and you will undoubtedly be given some very important gutter cleaning tips. Maintaining a clean gutter doesn’t just look better, it functions better, and that, at the…

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Should Your Gutters And Fascia Have The Same Look?

| 25 October 2017

Choosing colours for your roof and gutters can be quite tricky, especially if you are someone who likes to experiment and inject your own style and personality into your home’s theme. Your fascia sit right below your gutters, and while they are certainly not the make-or-break element of the exterior…

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How Can You Benefit From Gutter Covers?

| 4 October 2017

Many people thinking about gutter installation are often under the impression that once the installation has been completed, that’s it, there is nothing left to do. Gutters themselves are incredibly important parts of a functional home, and maintaining your gutters is vital if you want to protect your home (both…

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Does Your Home’s Dormer Have Gutters?

| 27 September 2017

Even if you have never heard the term “dormer window” before, you most definitely would recognize a dormer window if you saw one. These are windows that project outwards from downward sloping roofs and have their own “mini roof” on them. They are often added when attempting to add space…

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4 Reasons To Avoid DIY Gutter Installation

| 10 July 2017

Many people don’t realize it, but your gutters are one of the most important features of your home, and one of the things that you really shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to the installation. They look simply enough when you just stand back and look at them, but installing…

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