Best Security Screen Doors for Double Entry That Will Make Your Home Safer

| 16 JUL 2018

Thousands of home invasions and burglaries occur each year across Ontario. Of these home invasions, about 30% of intruders enter the home directly through the front door. Burglars aren’t always as clever as they are portrayed in movies; most intruders just target the weak point of entry such as homes with minimal security like those without an alarm system, no fencing, or leave doors and windows unlocked. Your home’s best protection against a burglary is to ensure your home’s windows and doors are absolutely secure. A high-security screen door for double entry is often a feature that is overlooked. There is a misconception that a security screen door adds bulk and doesn’t provide a cohesive look to the exterior of the home. This couldn’t be more wrong. Security screen doors can be more than just steel bars on hinges that cover your front door. In fact, there are security screen doors designed so beautifully that they look like any other high-quality front door, but are actually heavy duty double doors. Not only does a security screen door provide the best security against intruders, it is very modern to have a double-entry door. A security screen door can be custom built…

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Is Your Home Safe Enough?

| 3 July 2017

For the first time in twelve years, Canada’s crime index rose in 2016, largely because of a spike in Alberta. But crime, particularly property crime, rose in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Eight out of the thirteen provinces and territories reported a rise. While non-violent crime is still down, the…

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