Should New Windows Be Double Glazed?

| 6 NOV 2017

One of the most common questions that people have when deciding on new windows is whether or not their new windows should be double glazed. Many people with older houses move into them not realizing that they are acquiring a house that has single glazed windows, or they aren’t really sure what that might mean. If you are thinking about investing in new windows and want to know if you should opt for double glazed windows, below are some considerations to keep in mind. Warmer in the Winter One of the major considerations to keep in mind is that double glazed windows will keep your home warmer in the winter. Up to 70 percent of heat is lost through your windows in the winter, so new windows that are double glazed are an important form of insulation. Cooler in the Summer The opposite holds true in the summer, which is exactly what you want. Double glazing doesn’t just keep the heat it, they insulate against temperature extremes at both ends of the spectrum. They actually work to keep your home cooler in the summer by ensuring that the cool air from your air conditioning doesn’t escape. Reduce Energy Consumption Many…

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How To Detect If Your Double Glazing Has Failed

| 26 September 2016

Your home may have older, double-glazed windows that look and feel fine, but you may not be aware that the time has come to replace them with newer, more energy efficient windows. If all you have ever known is traditional double glazing, you may be unaware of how to detect…

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A Guide To Purchasing Home Windows

| 27 June 2016

Looking to purchase new windows for your home? Windows come in different types, styles, shapes and materials. If you don’t know the difference between a fixed window and a bay window, you may not know what type of window to choose. Our guide to buying residential windows can help. Energy…

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