25 Small Patio Space Ideas

| 30 APR 2018

The patio is a place where people go to unwind and relax. There really is nothing like sitting on your patio with a quaint view of the neighborhood, taking in the sunlight (or even better, the sunset) and enjoying a nice drink while you decompress after a long day. However, not everyone has a spacious patio space to decorate. But you can still make the most of what you’ve got! Check out these small patio ideas to glam up your backyard: Add some color to your furniture Spruce up your patio space with colourful furniture! Use bright colours for a fun and inviting feel or try some darker tones for a more sophisticated vibe. Light up the landscape Use lowlights or mood lighting for a romantic night in! For a natural feel, add some plants! Adding plants to your patio space will give you that sense of calm that only nature can provide. Just add water Adding a fountain next to your patio can be the perfect statement piece for your backyard. Mosaic flooring Mosaic flooring in your outdoor patio space adds an artistic flair that is sure to impress. And it’s not just for large patios either! Patios can…

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