Can You Replace Windows In A Sliding Glass Door?

| 12 JUN 2017

Sliding glass doors are a great feature on a home because they offer a convenient access point, and allow a tremendous amount of sun in. We’ve all heard stories of people running into sliding glass doors, or of cracks and chips in sliding glass doors from major weather events. You may have wondered if it is even possible to replace the glass afterwards without having to call a window and door company to come and replace the entire door. Below is some information to keep in mind if you suddenly find yourself with a sliding glass door that needs repair or replacement. In short, yes you can replace the windows in a sliding glass door, but there are some things that need to be done before the glass can be replaced. Removing the Trim The first thing that you, or a window and door company will need to do, is remove the trim from around the glass. This can be done using a small putty knife, which is slid between the trim and the glass and then used to pry it off. It is important to go slowly and carefully so that the trim doesn’t end up damaged in the…

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