How to Protect Your Windows for the Winter

| 9 NOV 2018

Canadian winters can be brutal, and it’s important to prepare your home for it! Before winter hits, many people take the time to make sure that their homes are well-equipped for the months ahead with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. Windows are extremely important facets to your home that need to be inspected every winter, as they constantly regulate the flow of heat and light that comes into your home. Old and damaged windows can be detrimental to the energy efficiency of a home, and it is important to check them yearly. Preventing and fixing problems before they become severe can save you a lot of money and worry. When doing the annual checkup of your windows, follow some of these steps to ensure that your windows are at their best. Always inspect the caulking on the outside of the window and ensure that there are no damages. The caulking on the outside of the window should be completely sealed with no cracks. A broken seal is one of the cheapest and easiest fixes, but it can be one of the biggest contributing factors to heat loss in your home if not fixed. Ensure that your windows are functioning properly.…

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How to Clean Window Frames and Runners in 4 Steps

| 6 August 2018

Cleaning window frames and runners can be one of those daunting once-per-year activities, especially if yours has accumulated debris. While there are many options on the market for cleaning, bleaching, and sanitizing your windows, nobody wants to fill their home with the harsh chemicals and bleach-filled fragrances often recommended for…

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Window Design Trends For 2018

| 12 February 2018

Trends come and go and they can be quite hard to keep up with. If you are a homeowner, it seems that every year there is something new people are doing surrounding the topic of home improvement. It might not seem like they are changing as much as, say, sofa…

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Do Your Windows Need Trickle Vents?

| 20 November 2017

Known as trickle vents, night vents, head vents, and slot vents, they are all one in the same and they all perform the same function. Many people swear by them, while others feel they are nice to have, but not a necessity. If you are thinking about single hung window…

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Designing Your New Bedroom? Here’s How To Choose The...

| 13 November 2017

A good window can make or break any room, especially the bedroom. A window that is not the right size or style for a bedroom can end up throwing a wrench in the whole look and feel of the room. You certainly don’t want that in the room where you…

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How To Frame A Window Opening

| 2 August 2017

One of the things that window and door companies specialize in is framing window openings. If you don’t have much experience with this sort of endeavours, it can present an array of complications. Learning to frame a window is not as straightforward as simply watching someone on YouTube do it.…

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How To Adjust A Casement Window Sash

| 24 July 2017

Casement windows are some of the most popular window designs on new homes, as well as one of the most popular upgrades to older homes. Casement window installation is best left to the professionals, who will not only be able to provide the best installation possible, but be able to…

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