How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

| 16 June 2018

People searching for a new home often hear the words “curb appeal” from realtors, which is a trend that has quickly gained traction over the years. Today, most people are looking to improve it in their own homes, but many aren’t even sure what it is. What constitutes curb appeal tends to change so often, that it’s no surprise that not many people don’t understand it.

How To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Home?

Simply put, curb appeal is the arrangement of a home’s exterior along with its grounds. The goal of curb appeal is to impress commuters that may or may not be looking to buy a house. However, the ultimate goal is to appeal to buyers.

The first thing anyone sees when arriving at a property is the home’s exterior and its front yard. Yet, what they notice the most are the windows, as they express the heart of the home indoors. The second thing people notice is the front door, as it’ll be the last thing they see before entering and exiting their house daily.

It’s an old saying, but a true one: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Adding little, but impactful details to windows and the front door of a house can give buyers the impression that they won’t need to renovate soon after the purchase, and they will feel more inclined to see the rest of the house.

Boost Curb Appeal with Windows

To improve your home’s curb appeal with windows, they need to look clean and well-maintained. No buyer wants to see a house that appears dirty or run down. Moreover, windows are expensive. Buyers look for windows that can keep the heat in and will save them from an expensive power bill. They also want to know if windows fit the frames properly, and can spot a crooked window a mile away.

Windows should compliment the house as well as the rooms in which they shed light. Smaller windows are being replaced with sets of floor to ceiling windows. The use of natural light is trending these days, and is light is being utilized by windows placed on every conceivable inch of wall space.

You can Have Windows with Curb Appeal

Impressing potential buyers with a property’s windows is as simple as washing them. When the sun and surrounding nature reflect on a glistening window, passersby and buyers will turn to look. Buyers tend to favour homeowners who actually wash their windows.

Another option is to touch up your home’s window shutters. Some modern properties aren’t built with window shutters in mind. Shutters add balance and interest to a house. If window shutters aren’t feasible, painting the trim will add contrast with the siding on the house.

Adding trim to exterior windows can give a home an elegant feel. Arches with keystones are popular these days, along with crosshead arches with keystones. Just like quoins on exterior corners, window trims add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.

When homeowners consider curb appeal, they immediately plant flowers. Flowers and plants bring an element of nature to a house. Window boxes accomplish two things: they showcase those bright clean windows, while also improving the view from inside the house.

If you’re looking to show off the windows at night, light the house with floods positioned to cast the light upward at the windows. The light gives off the impression that something is being revealed. Viewers or buyers that see the property at night will have the perception of warmth and security. Additionally, a candle on the window sill can add a classic look to a house.

Boost Curb Appeal with Doors

A scratched up or faded door is one of the easiest ways to scare a buyer away. This is because buyers may assume the inside of the home will be the same as the outside. Since the object is to appeal to buyers, a door should look compelling enough to invite them in.

The first thing people do is paint the front door in addition to modernizing outdated hardware. Homeowners paint their doors fire engine red, sunshine yellow, every shade of blue and green under the sun, and then some. The colours usually contrast brick or stone, but most contrast neutral coloured siding.

Tired house numbers and outdated light fixtures make a front door look worn and showcases lack of care. Shiny brass house numbers reflect sunlight, while crisp new light fixtures highlight the front door. Both make the door look fresh and new. Trending now is antique carriage house lighting fixtures in addition to hanging fixtures.

The type of front door is just as important as what colour it sports. While wood doors will always be the norm, they do warp in extreme heat and cold. Thus, steel and fibreglass doors are a better idea. They can both be made to look like wood doors, giving homeowners the best of both worlds.

If glass doors appeal to homeowners, steel and fibreglass doors can be made with glass panels. Etched or plain glass panels make wood-look steel and fibreglass doors look great.

While improving the appearance of your front door, don’t forget to add molding. If the sides and top of the front door could use some accents, then there are dozens of styles of molding available that will give the front door the look you’re looking for.

Homeowners also dress up their porches with plants and flowers. Here, balance is important, and you should avoid contrasting colours. The key is to focus on two similar plant types with colours that compliment the door’s colour.

It’s at this point where most homeowners will stop. However, there are more things to be done that can improve curb appeal. If you have a permitting budget, you could go for projects like laying a stone or brick walkway. If you already have a walkway, then tear it out or tear out alternating parts of it to replace with brick or stone in a pattern.

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