Why Your Doors And Windows Should Match

| 11 October 2017

The windows and the doors are often the first thing people notice as they pass by a home. The condition, quality, and style of the windows and doors speaks volumes about the owners. One of the exterior design faux pas is to have doors and windows that don’t match. Clashing doors and windows are often hard to look at, but the good news is that it’s not hard to find themes and styles that match and go well together. If you are looking into buying new windows, below are some of the reasons why your doors and windows should match.

Having Your Windows And Doors Match

Street Appeal

Your doors and windows (especially your entry door and surrounding windows) are among the first things that people notice when walking or driving past your home. They are your home’s first impression, and will likely stick in the minds of most people for a long time to come (especially if they make a bad impression). If you want people to walk past your home and see how well put together it is, then your new windows should definitely match your doors.

Resale Value

If you talk to any good real estate agent or home appraiser, one of the first things they will likely mention to you when it comes to increasing your resale value, is improvements to your exterior. This includes things like landscaping, your mailbox, and most importantly, your windows and doors. New windows and doors are one of the most important small cosmetic improvements you can make to your home, and having a matching window and door scheme is crucial to getting the most out of these upgrades.


Consistency speaks volumes about how you view your home and your role as a homeowner. If you are willing to put time into making sure your new windows and doors match and form some kind of coherent colour and design pattern, people (especially prospective home buyers) are more likely to assume that you see your home as a well-oiled machine.

While having windows and doors that match is certainly not the law, it is something that most good designers will advise you to put some time into. If you are thinking about replacing your windows and doors, or are moving into a place that doesn’t currently have matching windows and doors, consider the above benefits of a consistent, coherent design and colour scheme.

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