How a Fun Doormat Will Complement Your New Front Door

| 27 August 2018

When you have a brand-new front door, a fun doormat is the perfect way to complement it. Doormats not only help stop dirt at the door and prolong the life of your flooring, but they are the first expression of your unique personality that people experience when they walk up to your door.

Fun Doormat

Many interior designers and home remodelers agree that although doormats are simple, they are useful for providing a welcoming, comforting, and cozy atmosphere in any home.

The market is saturated when it comes to doorway fashion. Whether you’re a cat person, a hiker, a geek, a grandmother, or a botanist, there is something out there that will appeal to your senses.

Here are six fun doormats to sass up your patio, porch or front door this season.

    1. For the personal: Fox and Clover
      If you’re looking for a doormat that offers a highly personal touch, look no further than the lifestyle brand Fox and Clover. They offer a mixture of original and handpicked doormat options. They not only offer doormats for “Boss Ladies,” but they also cover products for cat people, dog people, foodies, and those who love a good glass of wine.The specific doormat from Fox and Clover that is perfect for someone looking to add a personal touch to their front door is the ‘Last Name Doormat,’ which allows the customer to have their name hand-painted onto the mat. This doormat is great for a family home or as a gift for a newly married couple.

      Fox And Clover Doormats

      • 18″ x 30”
      • 100% coir with vinyl backing.
      • Handpainted; Permanent Acrylic Paint

      To discover your perfectly personal doormat, visit Fox and Clover at

    2. For the unique: Uncommon Goods
      As previously mentioned, there is a doormat for everyone, even the retro nerds who are looking to spice up their front door. Uncommon Goods offers retro looks presented in new ways. If you’re still holding on to old mix-tapes from the early 2000s, then you will love this ‘Personalized Mixtape Doormat.’ This mat works great as an indoor option – it could become bleached by the sun over time.Uncommon Goods DoormatCreate your custom mixtape or view other quirky options at
    3. For the hopelessly chic: Anthropologie
      Anthropologie is an American clothing and home decor retailer that offers a wide range of high-end, hopelessly chic products to their clientele. If any store is known for its quality, it’s Anthropologie, and any fashionista would be hard pressed not to find something they love at this unique store.One doormat offered from Anthropologie is this cool-toned, handmade outdoor doormat featuring a llama. Optimal for a deck or patio, this piece is sure to be a great conversation starter. Here are a few details about this particular doormat:

Anthropologie Doormat

      • Handmade
      • Intended use in a sheltered outdoor area
      • Coir fiber
      • Sweep or rinse clean
      • Imported
      • 30″L, 18”W

To find out more about this doormat or to view other doormats from Anthropologie, visitécor&color=046.

    1. For the pun-lover: All Modern
      If you’re known as the jokester among your friends, then this puny doormat from All Modern is sure to grab few a grins at the doorway. As the website suggests, this is a “practical piece with a personality.”

All Modern Doormat

For more laughs, visit

    1. For the bargain-shopper: JYSK
      For under ten dollars, JYSK is heaven for bargain doormat shoppers everywhere. The bonus of purchasing your mat at this discount store is that while offering cost-effective, stylish, and unique designs, JYSK still uses high-qualities materials – including 100% coconut fiber – to construct their doormats.

One specific doormat that would be a great, and comedic, addition to any patio with neighbors is JYSK’s ‘The Neighbours Have Better Stuff’ doormat sold for only $8.99. Heck, with these prices you could have one at every door of your house!

JYSK Doormat

To see more deals from JYSK, visit

  1. For the bold: Artsydoormats
    Are you bold and sassy? If so, Artsydoormats may be the company for you. Based out of the UK, Artsydoormats is a company operating out of the online forum Etsy, where they offer hand-finished, all-natural coir doormats to sassy, witty, and Harry Potter-loving clientele. Despite their wide variety of bold products, their sassiest doormat may be the ‘Whalecome Bitches’ doormat. Channel your inner diva with the unique designs this company has to offer. Here are a few more details about this whale themed find:


  • Handmade item
  • Length: 60 Centimetres
  • Width: 40 Centimetres
  • Materials: Coir, Antislip PVC

Feeling bold? For more, visit

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