4 Types Of Entry Door Material

| 20 December 2017

If you talk to a number of window and door companies about different entry door materials, they tend to make similar recommendations (if they know their stuff). Different materials look good with certain styles of homes and design themes, and some are better suited for certain environments than others. If you are thinking about a new entry door, and would like to know what your material options are, below are four types of entry door materials to keep in mind.

Different Entry Door Materials

Steel Doors

Steel doors are versatile and are able to effectively blend in with most types are architectural styles. They are also customizable to match a wide range of different windows. They are known for their rigidity and longevity, for being airtight, and importantly, for being low maintenance. Steel doors are definitely one of the most popular and robust options on the market.

Wood Doors

A window and door company is also likely to recommend a wood entry door to you. While they are becoming increasingly rare, certain climates and areas are well suited for a wood door. There is something inherently charming and welcoming about a big, solid wood door. Heritage homes look especially becoming with a wood door because it keeps with the theme of tradition and heritage. Most wood doors are now made with wood veneer panels.

Fibreglass Doors

These are doors that are moulded around a polyurethane core, making them especially rigid and resistant to cold, as well as impact damage. Because there is little wood used in these doors, window and door companies will be quick to point out that they won’t shrink or warp in the sun, which is a good quality to have if you live in a region that experiences a high amount of sunlight for a substantial portion of the year, or if your front door is east facing.

PVC Doors

These doors are weather and corrosion resistant, and reinforcing steel on the inside of the door makes them very robust and secure. It also means they do not leak heat, so they are energy efficient. These doors are also easy to clean and tend to age well without yellowing or staining.

There is a wide range of entry door materials you can speak to your window and door company about. Above are some of the most popular entry door materials. If you have any additional questions about what door is right for you, you should never hesitate to ask your local window and door experts.

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