5 Amazing Rustic Entry Doors

| 3 April 2017

The entry door to your house say a lot about you. It’s interesting how much you can tell about the inside of someone’s house just by what the front door looks like. The colour, the material and the era of the door speak to your sensibilities. One of the most popular doors that people are opting for, even in modern homes, is the rustic entry door. Classic, elegant and homey, the rustic entry door adds a lot of charm to any old, or new home. Below are five amazing rustic entry doors.

Amazing Rustic Entry Doors

Unfinished black wood and glass

There is little that is more rustic than unfinished wood. Sanded down and left with all of its blemishes and imperfections, with plenty of glass from top to bottom, black looks elegant and rustic at the same time and with a piece of opaque glass you still get the privacy you are looking for.

Panelled cabin look

The log cabin rustic entry door is great for summer homes or cottages, or even if you are looking to recreate that look in the city. These doors hark back to the frontier when everything was hand carved and pieced together individually. Regardless of whether your home is in modern suburbia, or out in the woods, the log cabin look will instantly transport you back to much simpler times.

The purposely knotted

If you want something that looks like it was taken right out of the wild, but has been purposely chosen for its knotted imperfect look, there are lots of great rustic-looking door designs on the market that utilize the natural idiosyncrasies of the wood to create that down home look.

The shed door look

While you want the entry door to your home to be sturdy and fortified, as well as capable of keeping the elements out, there are some great designs that give the illusion that your front door is a shed door. It’s simply a matter of finding the right superficial panelling to use.

The medieval look

While you don’t want your entry door to look like it leads into a dungeon, with the right deep, rich wood and some carefully placed metal straps, you can create a look that looks antique and classy, not dark and scary. These are great doors to use if you have an outside wine cellar, or a stone cottage guesthouse around the back of your property’s main structure.

Your entry doors are a huge parts of your home’s charm and street appeal. If you are looking into a new entry door for your home, or want to change the current entry door on your new home, keep the above ideas in mind and achieve that perfect rustic look.

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