Should Your Entry Door Colour Match Your Shutters?

| 13 December 2017

Lining up themes and styles inside and outside of your home is important because it creates a sense of continuity and cohesion. Mismatched colours and themes are often distracting, and can look downright amateurish. Even an otherwise beautiful home can be overlooked on the resale market if people don’t find the colour scheme and themes appealing or tasteful. If you are wondering if your entry door colour should match your shutters, below are some things to keep in mind.

Matching Your Entry Door To Your Shutters

The short answer to the question, “should my entry door colour match the colour of my shutters?” is no. There is no homeowners mandate which specifies that you have to have shutters the same colour as your entry door, but, depending on who you ask, and depending on the design and style of your home, it is certainly something you probably want to consider.

Some designers think you must follow the convention of having your entry door and shutters the same colour, and consider it a huge faux pas to do otherwise. Others feel that as long as your entry door is white, you can pretty much choose shutters in whatever colour you want.

It also depends on whether or not a divergent colour scheme between the entry door and the shutters would end up being complementary. If the colours are complementary, then having two different colours for the entry door and shutters might not only look good, but look the best. Having too much uniformity in a house can sometimes be just as bad as having too much contrast; the trick is striking a balance.

The rule of thumb is that whatever colour scheme you go for between your shutters and your entry door, you should always be striving for some sort of symmetry. A symmetrical colour scheme that is recognizable throughout the exterior of the home is something that is going to help to create street appeal. It is also typically easier to create a colour scheme for your entry doors and shutters using warmer hues. Bright colours, even complementary colours, can become a distraction, and create too much visual stimulation.

You don’t have to follow any specific rules when designing your entry door and shutter colour scheme, but knowing your house, and more importantly, being able to understand what your home looks like to a potential buyer, is an important consideration when determining which direction to go in.

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