Patio Door Ideas to Wow Guests this Spring

| 21 March 2018

The grass is green, sprouts are emerging from the ground, and the bushes are budding. Spring is the one season that gives you a sense of renewal. After spending months indoors curled up on the sofa, there’s finally some sun and patio season is just around the corner.

Getting Your Home Ready For Spring & Summer Outdoor Living

Here are a few patio door ideas for your home this spring:

Add planters

It’s been pretty cold, so you shouldn’t expect any blooms just yet. It’s best to ask an expert at your local garden store to recommend some plants and flowers that will bloom quickly. It will only take a few weeks for your patio to be bursting with beautiful flowers. Consider getting different types of flowers that bloom at different times to ensure a steady supply of flowers throughout spring and summer.

Patio rug

Consider adding a new rug that has style, texture, and colours that match the flowers on your planters. Outdoor rugs are a great for bringing a patio design together.

Get some lanterns

Lanterns are incredibly versatile decor accessories that complement your patio set well. Adding different lantern shades helps change the look of your patio as the seasons pass. Consider adding some decorative orbs on top of the lanterns to add character to the entryway.

Add a wreath

As you decorate your patio with all kinds of repurposed planters, like jars and watering cans. Consider hanging a matching wreath to keep things symmetrical.

Add a bar cart

During the spring and summer, you can use the cart to serve your guests.

Choose a colour scheme

Choose a colour scheme to guide all your decoration ideas. For instance, if you want to create a tropical ambiance in your patio, choose a tropical colour scheme comprising of tropical greens, aqua, navy, and cerulean blues to create a sense of calm and nature.

Consider window treatments

Choose some curtains or blinds for your patio doors to control the amount of shade and privacy you need. Choose a neutral colour, so it blends well with the colour scheme of your indoor and outdoor areas.

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