Tips For Decorating Your Entry Door In The Fall

| 14 November 2016

Your entry door is the face of your house. It’s the first thing people see and notice when walking past, and usually elicits a comment from anyone who comes knocking, whether they are guests or strangers. Sprucing up your fall entry door with something festive doesn’t require a lot of effort and it says a lot about the people who live inside the house it’s attached to. Below are some great tips for decorating your entry door this fall.

Fall Decorating Tips For Your Entry Door

Harvest. The fall marks the start of many of North America’s favourite yearly harvests. One of the most typical is apples. A bushel of apples can be picked up cheaper in the fall than at any other time of the year. Simply place them in a basket and attach them to the front of your door. People can even take one to go on their way out, or eat one on their way in.

Sunflowers. Sunflowers are another great, all natural fall accoutrement that you can easily pick up at the local grocery store and place on your door. They are one of the most festive and inviting flowers available, and the warmth that they bring to your door will welcome guests and set the mood for when people enter your home.

Leaves of the fall. Along with the harvest, the fall is the twilight of the year. It’s when leaves start to fall, plants and animals start preparing for months of stasis and people generally start preparing themselves for the cold months ahead. It is also, fortunately, a time of great beauty. A simple wreath of fall leaves, containing all of the vibrant hues available is easy to collect and make.

Straw. Straw is another classic fall icon that conjures up images of hay rides, scarecrows, Halloween and general fall comfort. Straw, in keeping with our theme, is easy to maintain, easy to craft with and can be put up in no time at all. You can stuff a hat with straw for a makeshift scarecrow figure that you can keep up on through Halloween.

Chalkboard sign. Having a chalkboard with a simple message like “welcome to our home” written on it with orange, brown, yellow and red chalk is the perfect way to welcome fall visitors to your home, whether they are relatives from out of town, or new neighbours who just moved in across the street. It’s simple, festive and makes a big impact with little effort.

Making your door look welcoming and festive during the fall is a great way to add extra warmth to your house. The fall is a time of warm colours, despite it being the transition into the more “dead” winter months, and throwing something up on your entrance door is both welcoming and traditional in many parts of North America. Keep the above tips in mind and make your entry door really shine this fall.

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