Unique Uses For Old Entry Doors

| 13 March 2017

We have a lot of stuff lying around our house that is ripe for repurposing. Just because something has outlived its useful life for its original purpose, doesn’t mean that with a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can’t turn it into something completely different and equally as useful. If you have an old entry door lying around that you don’t want to simply toss away, below are some unique uses you might get out of it.

Unique Uses For Old Entry Doors

Divider for rooms. This is an especially good idea if the entry doors in question are glass panelled. You can break up space in bedrooms and home offices with these types of entry doors and the glass will make you feel like you haven’t gone and completely broken up the room beyond recognition because you can still see through.

A new bookshelf. With an old entry door, you already have the back part of a bookshelf, now all you need is some panelling for the shelves and voila, you’ve created yourself a neat, retro-looking bookshelf. You can even sand the door down to give it a more worn, trendy look.

Create chalkboard art. An old entry door can easily be turned into a canvass for something artistic in your home. If you want to paint it white first, you can, but simply write, or paint something beautiful, or inspirational on the door and place it somewhere in your home where a lot of eyes are bound to see it and you’ve just added a novel piece of artwork to your space.

Bed headboard. You can’t have a bed without a headboard. If your home already has a fun, eclectic feel to it, an old entry door can be easily turned into a creative, original piece of furniture like a headboard. Put it in the guest room so that visitors to your house can see your creativity and originality. Give the door a quick paint, though, to make sure that the colours don’t clash with your existing colour scheme.

A bench for the backyard. Nothing adds value to an outdoor space like a place to sit and rest/admire the space. If you have a garden that you like spending a lot of time in, you can repurpose your old entry door into a comfortable, stylish-looking bench instead of throwing it away. The reused aspect of these kinds of pieces makes them ideal fits for nature and green space. Nothing says you have an appreciation for the environment like avoiding needlessly throwing away things that can be repurposed.

Don’t be so quick to get rid of old items around your house, even if at first glance they don’t seem like they could ever serve any other purpose. If you have an old entry door and you don’t want/can’t stand to get rid of it, keep some of the above repurposing tips in mind and extend the life of your trusty door.

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