5 Advantages Of Double-Pane Windows

| 17 October 2016

Double-pane windows are the standard for windows in most modern homes. It is always easy to tell when you are in a friend or family member’s home and their windows are older (i.e. single pane). If you are weighing your options when it comes to new windows in your home, below are five advantages of going with double pane.

The Advantages Of Double-Pane Windows

Transparency: Double-pane windows offer increased transparency in the form of more scratch and film resistant glass. Increased transparency means better street appeal from the outside of your home and provides you with a better view of the outside world.

Recyclable: Double-pane windows typically use glass that is much more recyclable than traditional single-pane windows. It’s always a good idea to opt for products and materials that can be repurposed and reused and strive to minimize the amount of waste you create, and subsequently the size of your ecological footprint and the pressure you put on the earth’s carrying capacity.

Improved insulation: Perhaps one of the main reasons that people choose double-pane windows is the opportunity for increased insulation and the subsequent energy savings that comes with it. Double-pane, energy-efficient windows allow you to regulate the internal temperature of your house during the hot and cold extremes of summer and fall and minimize the amount of central heating and cooling required to keep the ambient temperature of your home inviting and comfortable. This ultimately means less money spent on energy consumption every month, which can add up to a considerable sum over the course of the window’s lifetime.

Better ventilation: Double-pane windows allow for much better ventilation than traditional single-pane windows do, which again, is another part of your arsenal when combating the ever-increasing energy costs of heating the modern home. Instead of keeping the air conditioning turned on at full throttle during the summer, the increased ventilation of double-pane windows will act as a natural, cooling fan inside your home.

More durable: Double-pane windows are also able to better stand up to the elements. This means hail, intense heavy rain and high winds that can kick up debris and damage, even completely destroy, more flimsy, single-pane windows. It makes sense to do all that you can to protect your home, it’s contents and the people living inside it.

Double-pane windows come with a wide range of advantages over older, single-pane windows. The opportunity to save money, provide better protection for your home and manage the internal temperature naturally should provide a strong incentive for most people to go with double pane when deciding on their new windows.

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