How To Cut Cooling Costs For Your Home

| 29 May 2018

It’s official, the days of summer are upon us. That’s right, it’s time to break out your drink umbrellas, grab a couple of scoops of ice cream, and of course crank up your faithful A/C. If the latter of these drives fear into your mind and wallet, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

How To Cut Cooling Costs For Your Home?

With almost 75% of Ontario homes being equipped with some form of air conditioning, most Ontario residents know a thing or two about being smart when it comes to keeping cool. If you’re not in the know, luckily we’ve got you covered with our guide to cut cooling costs. By following these tips you should be sure to keep your cool financially and physically!

Timing Is Everything

It’s really all about timing. You’re going to want to consider your daily schedule. It goes without saying, but don’t leave your air conditioner running full blast while the family is away from the house. Try regulating your schedule by increasing the temperature by around 5 degrees, or turning the system off during the day while you’re gone.

Using your system when it is needed instead of around the clock, is a guaranteed way to cut costs. Experimenting is also encouraged. If it’s a bit cooler outside, try opening a window and gauge your comfortability.

Learning thermostats such as Nest products will interpret your schedule and help regulate patterns of when to increase and decrease cooling. Additionally, these are very convenient because they can be controlled from a smartphone, so you can even change the temperature right from your bed!

Optimize Your Home

Just as important as when you use your air conditioning, is where you use it. Think about all the vents in your home? When is the last time someone stayed in your guest room? Have you been in your rec room lately? You don’t want to pay to keep underutilized areas cool. Circulation is the key. Optimize the spots you want to keep coolest. Preventing air flow to unwanted rooms can be done in a variety of ways.

While closing the vent can be effective, sometimes it isn’t enough. Vent covers come in a plethora of different form factors. Try starting with less expensive options and test them on your home. Magnetic covers are inexpensive and can yield some amazing results. You can pick these up at local hardware stores and they should have models for every form of vent. Gravity is not so kind to them though, so make sure you are looking for something more substantial for your ceiling vents.

Another location tip is to keep the doors closed of rooms you are cooling. This will increase circulation within that room and make sure that cool air is not escaping. Just remember pets and small children of course! This will keep your system from resetting to maintain a temperature and will keep your costs down. Keeping the blinds and curtains closed can help keep the room cool as well.

Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that 67% of heat escapes through windows? This may have the greatest impact on your wallet in the summer. To cut your costs and improve your cool, you may want to look into energy-efficient windows.

Energy-efficient windows will keep the cool air in and the heat out. Landmark energy-efficient windows also create an airtight lock to increase airflow and make sure ventilation is optimal. They are extremely customizable and can ensure that you keep your energy loss to a minimum.

Keeping Your Filters Clean

This is one that often gets overlooked by homeowners. When is the last time you changed your air filter? Your filter is designed to keep dust particles out and keep your air pure and clean. As filters build more dirt and dust, less air will be pushed throughout the home as airflow becomes restricted.

While there is no specific timeline to replace your air filter. You should check it monthly to see what type of build up your home accumulates. Not only will replacing the filter cut down on costs, it will also improve your air quality. It’s a 2 for 1 situation!


This one may seem counterproductive to some. People always ask “why would I use a fan when I have A/C?”. The answer again has to do with circulation. Room and ceiling fans can help push cool air through the home and redistribute cooling. The electricity needed to power the fan is considerably less than having your A/C work overtime.

Keep Cool, Keep Calm

While keeping your home cool is a huge priority this summer, you don’t have to settle for a big price tag. By following these tips you can rest assured that your home will remain cool and that you won’t break the bank!

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