Is Your Entry Door Energy Efficient

| 9 August 2017

In the era of modern homes and home design, one of the most common requests that people have is for their home (current or new) to be energy efficient. This most commonly takes the form of an energy efficient entry door and windows. If you are wondering whether or not your current entry door, or one on a home you are looking to buy, is energy efficient, below are some things to look out for.

Determining Entry Door Energy Efficiency

Quality Frame Materials

Energy efficient entry doors use a wide range of durable, and more importantly, low maintenance framing materials, which are designed to reduce heat transfer and insulate better year round. If you know what the material of your door is, you can quickly check with Energy Star to determine if it is considered energy efficient.

Low-E Glass

The windows on energy efficient doors have a low-e coating on them which reflects infrared light, helping to keep heat inside your home during the colder winter months, and coolness in during the hotter summer months. The coating also reflects ultraviolet light, which helps protect things inside your home (including fabrics) from fading.

Multiple Panes

You are likely not going to find windows on an energy efficient door with any less than two panes. Two panes of glass, with air or gas in between the panes, do a much better job of insulating than a single pane does. Some of the newer Energy Star certified doors have three or more panes of glass for near perfect insulation. Additional panes also help with noise insulation and durability.

Warm Edge Spacers

If your door has warm edge spacers (which keep the glass panes the correct distance apart) which are non-metallic, or hybrid metal/non-metallic, there is a good chance it is an energy efficient door. These spacers are designed to insulate the edges of the panes, and reduce heat transfer through the window.

Making sure you have an energy efficient entry door on your home makes sense, not just from an environmental perspective, but from a financial perspective as well. Reducing your heating and cooling costs could potentially save you a lot of money throughout the year. If you are thinking about investing in a new home, and are wondering whether its entry door is energy efficient, or if you have always wondered whether the one on your current home is, the above criteria should help you decide if you are dealing with an energy efficient door or not.

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