10 Gorgeous Garden Entryways You Have to See

| 28 March 2018

A first impression means everything. If you’re looking to wow your guests with a breathtaking garden entryway, then you need to create a transitional space between the private interior and the garden that allows for outdoor living. Look no further than the French for inspiration:

Beautiful Garden Entryways

  1. The Terrace

    This is an outdoor living room for the summer that is typically paved with stone, terracotta tiles, or cobblestones. You can furnish the space with lounge chairs, a bistro table, a bench, or a hammock.

  2. Grow Wisteria

    Growing Wisteria over a pergola is a great way to provide shade from the scorching summer sun and at the same time add natural beauty. You can also add cane screening to the pergolas to filter light.

  3. Smooth and flowing lines

    If there’s a long walk between the driveway and the front door, the continuity of the beds and path give direction as you enjoy the trip walking through the garden.

  4. Appealing garden

    One of the reasons for having a garden is to create a wonder of nature. To help promote these causes it is important to have a variety of plants. Consider using plants with beautiful vertical forms for visual appeal, plants that attract wildlife to animate the garden, and fruit trees.

  5. Formal front garden

    This style is recommended for traditional homes that feature foundation planting in the front of the house. Backyards will usually have a more casual garden to make it appealing.

  6. Narrow walk towards the door

    As you transition from the lawn towards the entry door, it is common to gradually narrow the walkway towards the front door with greenery.

  7. Mark the path to your door

    As visitors walk towards the front door and wait for you to welcome them into your home, it’s a good idea to provide some scenery. This can be done through the use of a variety of colours, shapes, textures, and plants in your entryway.

  8. New colour for each season with containers

    Plants in containers along your entryway allows you to easily change the colour and arrangement of flowers from season to season.

  9. Overhead canopy

    Consider covering overhead structures along the path to the front door or at the entry itself with a climbing plant. A vine is a good example as it is appealing to the eye and helps to soften the structure.

  10. Multipurpose Pergolas

    Pergolas can be used to transform any garden design. They help to define large outdoor spaces, add shade, or create a transition from outdoor to indoor living. The picture below is an example that separates the yard from the driveway with incredible style and sophistication.

Your entry garden is the signature of your home’s exterior and sets the mood for guests walking up to your home. Make sure the plants and driveway are well maintained to make your home inviting.

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