5 Ways to Take Advantage of Natural Light in your Home

| 10 June 2015
Natural light is the best source of light for our homes – there’s simply no way that bulb lighting can compare with the beautiful and natural rays of light entering our home through our windows. Utilizing Natural Light Not only is this light itself more pleasant aesthetically and better for your mood (natural light is proven to make you feel happier than artificial light), it’s also completely free, meaning it doesn’t cause a strain on your home electrical bill like electricity does, and natural light also provides a free form of heating for your home. Don’t let this amazing resource go to waste. Take advantage of natural light with the following tips! Colour your rooms to better reflect natural light You want to use colours that will reflect, not absorb, natural light. This not only makes the room brighter, but gives it a wonderful natural radiance. Paint using light or white colours, and match those shades with additional light furniture upholstery and decor. Add more windows, or make existing ones bigger Don’t let small windows squeeze out the amazing natural light in your home. For south-facing walls especially, bigger windows will let more natural light in and allow for natural solar heat. Don’t cover your windows Don’t let shades, curtains or furniture block out the light from the sun! During the daytime, make sure all blinds are pulled to the side or removed, and while decorating keep your light source in mind so you don’t cause any unnecessary shadows. Add mirrors to reflect the light across a room Strategically placing mirrors across from a window will reflect natural light around your room. For maximum effect, consider tiling a wall with mirrors. Swap out a solid door for a door with glass cut-outs Let some natural light in through your front door! If the front of your home sees a lot of light during the day, explore your options of installing a door with large glass panels, or a door trim that allows for windows. The skylight option For a more major change to let natural light in, consider installing skylights. While regular skylights can be expensive to install, tubular skylights – which use a wide opening to accentuate the light from a small opening – make a great option.
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