Four of the Best Windows for Basements

| 6 August 2014
Since basement windows don’t always add to the curb appeal of a house, it’s easy to push them over to one side and focus on other elements of the property. However, if you have poor quality basement windows, you could end up with water damage and other issues. Basement Window It’s always important to have your basement windows installed by reliable professionals so you know that the different styles you have to choose from will be put in securely and safely. Here are four of the best windows to consider for your basement. 1. Sliding Windows Sliding basement windows need to be weatherized properly to avoid leaks and drafts, but they are easy to open and easy to keep clean. If you like the idea of a quick escape should the need arise, or like to open your basement windows often to let the air in, sliding windows are a great choice. 2. Casement Windows Casement basement windows are a popular choice among homeowners because they provide solid construction and you can get a good amount of natural light in the room. They are typically hinged on one of the sides and are taller than they are wide. These work well for basement apartments because of the light and the fact that they provide an effective escape route. 3. Hopper Windows Hopper windows open from the top inwardly, and they are also a popular basement window choice. Hopper windows are easy to maintain and they work well for areas that are smaller and don’t have a lot of ventilation. Proper installation makes them energy efficient, but sometimes shorter people have trouble opening them with the latch on the top. 4. Double-Hung Windows Double-hung basement windows have sliding sashes on the top and bottom and are a good choice if you have more room to work with. They come in a variety of designs and their versatility is appealing to many homeowners. No matter what type of basement window you choose, having them installed correctly is really what determines how efficient and effective they will be. You have to consider energy efficiency, security, cost and how much light is allowed into the basement. Your choice will depend on several different factors, primarily if people will be living in your basement or not. The windows you’d choose for a rental unit will differ quite a bit from windows you’d choose for storing your old furniture and keepsakes. Speak with a basement window expert and figure out what type is best for your situation.
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