Four Things to Consider when Getting a New Front Door

| 3 June 2015
It’s the most important door to your house. Front Door Considerations The front entry door is vital not only because sets the tone for the aesthetics of your home, but also because the quality of your front door can also determine the value of your house. When you’re getting a new front door, there are several things to consider before making your final decision. To help make sure you get the best door for your house, and avoid common pitfalls, keep the following tips in mind when looking for a new front entranceway. Pick your budget Figuring out your budget will make sure you get a door that fits your financial requirements. When calculating a door budget, consider factors such as long-term benefits, maintenance, energy efficiency, life span, weather protection, and possible remodelling costs. Pick the right style You’ll want a front door style that matches the rest of your house. If you home looks rustic, go with wood for a classic look. For something a bit more edgy, consider a door with decorative glass. As we said before, the tone of your front door sets the stage for your home’s entire décor, so aesthetics matter in your decision! Pick the right material The material your front door is made out of is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make during this process. The material you pick will also determine the price of your new door. You have a few options here: Wood is a classic look that adds an authentic and rustic look to your home, but are the most expensive material type. And require reg. maintenance Fiberglass doors can look like stained wood, and come in a variety of other styles. They’re energy efficient and durable and are less expensive than wood. Steel doors are also affordable, and durable – with no risk of cracks or major dents. They can also be insulated, which helps with your homes heating bills. Picking the right size matters Doors come in a variety of sizes, and front entry doors are often on the bigger side – usually two metres tall. So make sure your door size matches the size of your entryway, and don’t forget to include decorative elements such as transoms and sidelights- sidelites in your measurements. If you have a lot of room, go for a double door, or choose a thicker door for a thick frame.
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  1. Posted on Jun 03 | 2015 By Zequek Estrada

    I’ve gotta agree that with the point about how the front door is the most important one to your house. I believe that it can tell a lot about the owners. That’s why I’m thinking about having mine replaced.

  2. Posted on Jun 03 | 2015 By landmark-user

    Hi Jade,

    WE would be more than happy to have one our our team members show you some door options and help you sort out some information. Please give us a call at 1-866-355-3332 thank you!

  3. Posted on Jun 03 | 2015 By Jade Brunet

    We want a new front door for our house but are not very familiar with replacement door options. Like mentioned in the article, picking the right budget and style are very important things when making this decision. It looks like a fiberglass door might be a good choice for us because it would be energy efficient and durable. Thanks for the information.

  4. Posted on Jun 03 | 2015 By Jack Palmer

    I agree with you, “The front entry door is vital not only because it sets the tone for the aesthetics of your home, but also because the quality of your front door can also determine the value of your house.” Who knew a door could make such a difference? My wife and I are wanting an new one for our home and have been researching our options. Thanks for the info, it was helpful! We also found this helpful site while looking around:

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