How to get your home ready for spring

| 24 March 2014
Landmark Home SolutionsWith the sun and warmer weather comes the realization that ‘old man winter’ has been quite unkind to the outside of your home for the last six months. To get your home in tip-top shape, small tasks can make a huge difference. We've come up with five easy tips and tricks, to get your home prepped and ready to go for the spring season ahead. Here they are: Thoroughly wash your deck and patio furniture. Be sure to wipe down each piece thoroughly, prior to placing it on a freshly-washed surface. For an extra dose of cleanliness, use a power hose to get rid of dust, dirt and grime. Also, while assembling and cleaning each piece of furniture, inspect it for rips, tears, or possible freeze damage that may have occurred during the winter months. Check for possible damage to the roof.   For safety reasons, this one is important! Look for missing, cracked or broken shingles and make any needed repairs as necessary. You may want to consider hiring a qualified professional to take care of any repair work that needs to be done.  Clean your outdoor grill or BBQ. Start off by rinsing all surfaces with water (this includes cooking surfaces as well). Scrape any built-up grease off of the grates by using paper towels and a mild detergent with water. Rinse well and wipe to dry. Clean the inside and outside of windows/doors. It’s time to get a clear view of what’s outside! Ideally, windows and doors should be washed twice a year, to ensure the maximum amount of natural light can pass through your home. Instead of using paper towels, a squeegee with a replaceable rubber blade can be more effective. This is also a good time to check all of your screens for damage (such as rips or tears) and repair them if needed. Check gutter drainage. Make sure downspouts are clear and free of debris, and that water drains away from the foundation. Generally, it’s better to catch a repair when the damage is small, since it will only get worse each time it rains (improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space). If you find a problem doing any of the tasks above, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. It’s always a good idea to have the names and contact information for qualified service professionals on hand. If needed, ask your friends, neighbours, or colleagues for referrals!
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