Home improvement spring cleaning checklist

| 12 March 2014
Landmark Home Solutions After what feels like an extremely long, dark and cold winter, spring's bright sun and warm winds are hopefully just around the corner. And do you know what this means? Spring cleaning, of course! With the temperatures rising, it’s the perfect opportunity to open up your windows, let fresh air flow through your house and clean the interior and exterior of your home. Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility; but with the right maintenance and cleaning schedule, you can be well on your way to a stress-free, easy living reality. Here is a simple checklist that can essentially be every homeowner’s survival guide when it comes to home improvement and cleaning the exterior/interior of your home: Windows: If there is one spring ritual you should never skip – it’s washing your windows and screens! All the elements from old man winter, such as snow, rain, and debris can create a grimy film on your windows, allowing less natural light to pass through. Doing this task will give you a sparkling view of spring from the inside and out. Garage: We know this is a job that no one really enjoys doing because it can take a lot of patience and a good chunk of time! But just think: cleaning out the garage will give you more space for your tools, gardening gear, winter storage and summer equipment such as bikes, outdoor games, etc. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Pssst….It may be the perfect time to hold a yard sale! Gutters: Go on and get up on that ladder, you will be glad you did! Cleaning out rain gutters can be a messy and tedious job as a homeowner, but in the long run, it’s a job that can save you headaches and costly repairs later on. We recommend cleaning out your gutters as soon as the temperatures rise. You’ll want to ensure you get rid of any debris from the winter season that may have been left behind.  Siding: To clean the exterior of your home, use a pressure washer along the siding to remove grime, debris and heavy soiling. To do this task, simply hose everything down and start at the highest points of your home. When this is complete, scrub from the bottom and rinse from the top. The exterior of your home will be picture-perfect before you know it!

What is your spring cleaning ritual? We would love to hear about it by commenting below!

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