Spring home maintenance: how to repair, replace and enjoy

| 2 April 2014
On average, the general rule of thumb is that you should expect to spend 3% - 5% of the value of your home every year, on repairs and needed maintenance. Costly repairs can be certainly be a rough introduction into homeownership. But, the good news is that spring home maintenance can be easy…as long as you know what to look for! This type of maintenance is essential and it should never be neglected; it will ensure your house is safe, clean and that it keeps its curb appeal. It’s time to get your home in tip-top shape; so, get your work boots and rain jacket ready! If your pressed for time and working with a tight schedule, here are the main duties that you should be performing on your home during the upcoming spring season: The outside elements: Understandably, cleaning the exterior of your home can be no easy task – considering the fluctuating temperatures, sharp angles and range of tools that will be required. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared and to think ahead – this will be essential. Landmark Replacement Windows Solutions Start by power washing your property, including all siding and external structures. Take the time to walk across the street and literally stare at your home; this will give you a pretty good idea of the  areas that need to be cleaned and the necessary repairs and replacements that are going to be required. Afterwards, consider replacing the weather stripping around all windows and doors. Doing so will create an airtight seal and allow your home to be draft-free. When all the routine maintenance is complete, you should then focus on strategic updates, such as replacing old wooden windows and doors, repairing any cracks in your foundation, etc. The inside elements: Travel from room to room within your home and check all light bulbs, outlets and cords. Make sure they aren’t damaged, and replace or repair frayed wires and plug heads as needed. Secondly, when the warmers temperatures arrive, the last thing you want is for your air-conditioning system to go on the fritz. Consider hiring a professional to inspect the unit for you, and if needed, to perform any repairs that will be required. Lastly, be sure to schedule annual alarm tests and routine battery replacements for all carbon monoxide detectors within your home. It’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry!
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