Stop That Draft: How to Improve Energy Efficiency

| 4 July 2014
If your home has been drafty and cold this winter season, you’ve likely been searching high and low for cost-effective solutions; because it’s no secret that air leaks within your home are uncomfortable, irritating and most importantly, will cost you money. Well, we are here to help! Windows and doors have significant roles in the energy efficiency of your home and more often than not, this is where your problem is stemming from. Here are some useful ideas and solutions that can help keep old man winter outside where he belongs:

Temporary Fixes:

If you are looking for a ‘quick fix’, then the following solutions can help:

Make sure seals and gaskets are in good condition. You can improve the energy efficiency of existing windows by adding caulking, weather-stripping, and new gaskets; all of these solutions can temporarily reduce air leakage around your windows and doors. Caulking can be used for stationary cracks, gaps, or joints, and weather-stripping can be used for components that move, such as doors and operable windows.  Purchase window treatments or coverings. Window treatments or coverings can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Even though this solution is quite cost effective, it’s important to keep in mind that most window treatments/coverings aren't very effective at reducing air leakage or infiltration.

Permanent Fixes:

Why not fix the problem for good, and never have to deal with these issues again later on down the road? For a long-lasting solution, we recommend the following:

Ensure your windows and doors are Energy Star rated. Energy efficient windows and doors can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. The Energy Star symbol is internationally recognized in all areas of energy efficiency. In order to be Energy Star certified, products must meet and exceed minimum Canadian federal energy efficiency standards. Install storm windows and doors.Storm windows and doors can be installed on the inside or outside of existing windows and doors within your home. Adding storm windows and doors can greatly reduce air leakage and improve the overall comfort level within your home. As an added bonus, this installation will most likely add an improved property value to your home and be a great return on investment. 
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