Why Is Gutter Maintenance Important?

| 2 January 2017

Your gutters serve one purpose: to protect your house and your yard from water damage. Cleaning the gutters is not an enjoyable task. There is a reason that it’s typically included on the list of cliche chores that kids are forced to do as punishment: no one likes it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly important, however. Below are some of the benefits of regular gutter maintenance to convince you just why that is.

The Benefits Of Gutter Maintenance

Pests and rodents. When you leave your gutters full of debris and dirt, they become the perfect nesting places and foraging places for rodents and other pests. Squirrels and mice love to nest in gutter debris, especially during the early fall when it’s still relatively dry, and bees have even been known to build honeycombs.

Mouldy, rotting and wrecked roofing. When your gutters become clogged and fill with water, it is possible for water to spill over the top into your home and begin to cause insidious mould and mildew damage that you are unaware of. The sides of your house and the roof are equally vulnerable.

Leaking basements and damaged foundations. A little-known fact is that the number one reason for water damage in basements is water from gutters that are clogged with debris. Water that is left to sit for a long period of time and allowed to seep into your home’s foundation can even crack it and cause severe structural damage.

Safety issues. Clogged gutters, especially during the transition from winter to fall, when the weather alternates between rain one day and freezing temperatures the next, can make water spilling out a recipe for disaster. Water that drips out onto the sidewalk or onto the steps at your front door can become slick overnight and turn into accidents waiting to happen.

Walkways and landscaping. Your gutters could also potentially damage public property. Water overflow onto public sidewalks can, over time, crack and break them. You can also ruin your landscaping, flood your garden and damage your patio.

Your gutters may seem like they are just sitting there, but they actually play a very important role in the protection of your house and property. It’s important to keep them maintained and free of debris on a regular basis. Make sure your gutters are debris-free and any damage is promptly repaired. It will probably save you money in the long run.

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