4 Ways To Repair Old Gutters

| 10 April 2017

Many people don’t realize it, but your gutters are something that can totally be repurposed once they have outlived their useful life protecting and funnelling water away from your home. Gutter installation is no easy task, and you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment, even after they have ceased to be gutters and have taken on a life as something else. Below are four ways to repair and reuse old gutters.

How To Repair Old Gutters

Row planters

If you are a gardener and want to test out your green thumb with a new planting style, think about taking those old gutters and turning them into makeshift row planters. They can be attached to posts, or to the side of a fence and make a great vegetable or herb garden alternative that is off the ground, away from pests, and reuse metal without you having to throw it away.

Hanging planters

An alternative to the above idea of the row planter is the hanging planter. You are going to want to cut your longer pieces of gutter into smaller pieces (the length is up to you depending on where around the outside of your home you are placing them). You can decorate and paint them however you would like and they make great alternatives to traditional store bought hanging planters.

Strawberry garden

The strawberry garden gutter idea is a great combination of the above two. It provides an ideal planter for strawberries because it can be raised off the ground and, because of the way that strawberries grow, you will have them spilling over the sides for easy picking. It will also allow you to keep them out of that path of hungry garden pests like slugs, snails and mice.

Privacy garden

Sometimes during gutter installation, especially if you are doing it yourself, you end up ordering more gutter than your roof needs. If you have some leftover gutter after the installation, and you have been thinking of ways to provide yourself with some extra privacy on your patio or balcony, the extra gutter can be cut to size, filled with bushy, drooping plants and used to make a hanging privacy garden.

Gutter installation is an investment, and often you order more than you need. These are two great reasons to make sure that you are getting the most out of the investment as possible, and repurposing whatever you can. Keep the above gutter repair and reuse tips in mind and extend the life of your gutter while adding some great vertical green space to your home.

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