5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Gutter Installation

| 6 March 2017

Your gutters are an important part of protecting your home. Gutters that are not properly functioning and not installed correctly are gutters that are putting your home at risk, as well as the surrounding property. If you are thinking about doing your own gutter installation and you don’t have much experience, below are five reasons to avoid DIY gutter installation.

5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Gutter Installation

The pitch is hard to guess. Many people think that just because their gutters look level from a distance, that they must be. The truth is that gutters actually need to be properly pitched from one end to the other, but not so gentle that water ends up pooling up and posing a threat to your home. Gutters need to slope around an inch or so every 40 feet.

Forward tilt. Other dimensions of your gutter, however, do need to be level. From the front to the back, your gutter should be completely level. Many homeowners end up hanging their gutters so that they are hanging too far forward, which can place added strain on the gutter, and on the structure of your house when they end up filling up with debris and/or water.

They are tough to position. If you think that your gutters should simply run along your roof’s edge, you may want to rethink your DIY gutter installation. Gutters should actually be placed a couple of inches lower than your roofline. If gutters are placed too high, runoff water can end up dripping down the back and staining your home.

Tricky hanger spacing. Even if you know about the proper sloping for your gutters, not being able to correctly place the hangers can make that a moot point. If your gutter hangers are not just so, it can cause sagging in the middle, putting strain on the end hooks, as well as on the gutter itself. There should never be any more than three feet of space between your gutter hangers.

Easy to damage. Aluminum gutters are very delicate, and you need to take special care during the installation that you are not irreparably damaging them. All it takes is one hard knock from a latter, or a fall to the ground below and you may have damaged the gutters beyond use and be stuck having to lay down cash for a brand new one.

Even knowing the above information about gutter installation does not make it as simple as it seems. There is a reason that millions of people turn to professionals when it’s time to install a gutter: because it’s vital that it be done correctly the first time. If you are considering trying to do your own gutter installation and would like a friendly reminder why going with a pro might be your best bet, keep the above considerations in mind.

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