Can You Install Gutters On A Metal Roof?

| 26 June 2017

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular these days because of their lower maintenance costs and their extended lifetimes. People don’t want to spend time tending to traditional shingle and tile roofs, as great as they look. People are opting for convenience (that still looks amazing), and something that’s a bit more durable in the long run. One of the first questions that people considering metal roofs usually have is if they are able to install gutters on them.

 Installing Gutters On Metal Roofs

The short answer to that question is yes, you can. There are, however, some special considerations to keep in mind with gutter installation on metal roofs. The weight of the gutter on the strapping has the potential to do damage to your metal roof. You also have to deal with the potential of different types of metal rubbing together.

The Supplies You Will Need

You will need to decide on how many gutter brackets you need based on the length of your metal roof. A good rule to go by is 2 feet per bracket. So if your roof is 20 feet long, that would come to 10 brackets total. Make sure you get screws that match the gutter brackets, and make sure that they are long and deeply threaded, as they will be supporting the weight of the entire gutter. You, or your installation company will then cut the half-round gutter material to the right length.

Attaching Your Brackets

You will then need a tape measure and pencil to mark out the spot for each bracket. If you are going to be attaching the gutter at a slight angle for better drainage, keep that in mind when marking out bracket positions. You can now use a drill to attach the gutter brackets to the rafter tails that you have selected to secure your gutter in place.

Installing the Gutter on the Metal Roof

You want to start at the end with the downspout, connecting the end piece and the downspout as your first step. You then will slide the length of the gutter into both end pieces. The gutter brackets should clip into the top part in the half-round gutter-length to ensure that it is firmly held in place.

You can most certainly attach gutters to metal roofs, but, as with anything where you are uncertain, you should educate yourself on the special considerations beforehand. Gutter installation is not as straightforward as it may seem, and even less so when a metal roof is involved. Keep the above information in mind and ensure that your gutter installation on a metal roof is done properly.

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