Does Your Home’s Dormer Have Gutters?

| 27 September 2017

Even if you have never heard the term “dormer window” before, you most definitely would recognize a dormer window if you saw one. These are windows that project outwards from downward sloping roofs and have their own “mini roof” on them. They are often added when attempting to add space to rooms that are buttressed by a vertical sloping roof, making renovating or building-out difficult.

Your Home's Dormer: Does It Have Gutters?

A gutter installation company will usually advise you to put gutters on your dormer windows, because they are essentially standalone roofs on your home, and share all of the protection needs of a roof. If you are wondering whether you need gutters on your dormer, below are some convincing arguments as to why they are a good idea.

Existing Gutters

If your dormer already has gutters, they will certainly be noticeable, and will look like miniature versions of the larger gutters that run the circumference of the rest of your home. They will be made from similar material and are meant to accomplish the same task (i.e. keeping water off the roof). They are, however, a bit trickier, because they present problems for the rest of your home if they are not installed properly.

Many people with big gable dormers often ask their gutter installation company if it is better to have a gutter catch any rain coming down off of a roof valley, or to just let the rain run into a lower gutter. This is certainly a good question. Many people feel that doing this exposes your roof to water damage from water streaming off the dormer. Most gutter installation specialists recommend both a separate gutter, and an additional downspout that connects the dormer gutter to the main gutter below, so that any water coming off the dormer skips the rest of the roof (avoiding potential damage) and goes straight to the main gutter.

If your dormer currently does not have a gutter (and an additional downspout system), you should consider calling up your gutter installation experts to have them installed. While the water running off your dormer might not seem that significant, it does present potential problems for the rest of your roof, and a small gutter and downspout is a quick fix to ensure your roof is well protected.

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