How To Clean Gutter The Easy Way

| 19 December 2016

Let’s face it. Cleaning your gutters is no fun. No one likes removing soggy plant debris and spiders from their gutters, so it usually ends up being something that we put off until the last possible minute. But clean gutters are an important part of a high functioning home. If you can’t wait any longer and have to clean the gutters this weekend, below are some tips for cleaning gutters the easy way.

Cleaning Your Gutters Easily

Use an Extendable Ladder

If you don’t have a ladder tall enough to actually get you up eye level to the gutter, you are going to be doing a mediocre job of cleaning. Handheld gutter cleaning tools that don’t require you to be at eye level with the gutter work okay, but being up close and personal is how you are going to do the best job possible. It will also reduce stress on your arms and back that comes from having to keep your arm extended while you clean from the ground.

Rubber Gloves

While you don’t need to wear rubber gloves when cleaning your gutter, one of the most universally disliked parts of gutter cleaning is having to get your hands dirty. Sometimes really dirty, depending on what has fallen into the gutters between cleanings.

Keep a Tarp on the Ground

Not everything that will have fallen into your gutter is good for your lawn, let alone looks good spread all over it. Place a tarp on the ground while you remove buildup so that cleanup is easy, and your lawn doesn’t look like a big, nasty mudslide just hit your property.

Flush the Gutters

After you have manually removed as much of the buildup and grime as you can, it’s a good idea to flush the gutters with a garden hose. This will hopefully get rid of any remaining smaller pieces, as well as show you if and where there might be any leaks.

Plastic Scoop

You can either buy a specialized “gutter scoop” from the hardware store, or simply use a small beach shovel to do the job. This is a lot easier, and a lot more pleasant than grabbing handful after handful of gutter grime.

Cleaning gutters is not something to look forward to, but having clean gutters certainly is. If you simply can’t wait any longer to clean the gutters, and you are not going to hire professionals to come and do it for you, keep the above cleaning tips in mind and clean your gutters the easy way.

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