11 Things Most People Forget To Look For When House Hunting

| 7 April 2015
You’re ready to start looking for a new home. You’ve made your checklist. You’ve perused some listings and you’re preparing to attend your first open house. All you have to do now is take a tour and fall in love with your potential new home.

House Hunting Tips

Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, there’s more to house hunting than showing up and being able to imagine your future family utilizing the backyard. If you’re not careful, your dream house could end up a nightmare. There are many things outside of the usual list you need to keep an eye out for while attending open houses. Here are 11 things most people forget to look for when house hunting.
  1. Take photos of the house as you tour it so you can go through them when you get home. This way the excitement of seeing your potential home will be diminished and you can concentrate on whether or not it really does have all the amenities you require.
  2. Does the house you’re looking at have sturdy gutters? This could extend the life of the roof. Look at the edge of the roof and see if the shallow troughs that are fixed beneath it can handle rainwater.
  3. Some people forget about the top and bottom of the home they’re visiting. Check out the ceilings and the floors. Are the ceilings cracked or showing any signs of leakage? Do the floors need to be redone? These are important questions to ask as they can lead to costly repairs.
  4. Will you get enough natural light during the day? Do the windows in the house allow for sunlight to come through, or are they just for show? If the shades are pulled down during the viewing, ask to raise the curtain so you can see what kind of light the home gets during the day.
  5. Large obstructions like surrounding apartment buildings and trees, or having the home face an unfortunate direction, can minimize the amount of daylight your home will be exposed to.
  6. While you’re looking at the windows, see if they’re made of insulated, double-paned glass. If not, count the windows and see what total cost you’ll have to face to replace them.
  7. It’s cheaper to replace windows than to face a Canadian winter with uninsulated windows.
  8. Closet and cupboard space is a must. Look in the closets and cupboards to make sure you’ll have enough storage space.
  9. Visit the house at different times of the day. Does it look imposing at night? Is the neighbourhood safe?
  10. While touring a house, make note of what kind of cell phone reception you get. For people who need their cellphones for business, you’ll want to ensure you won’t be dropping calls or missing text messages.
  11. If the appliances are included in the price of the house, find out how old they are. If you’re going to have to get a new fridge six months after moving in, it’s not worth it to have them included.
  12. Map out the commute to work. Is it something you feel comfortable doing twice a day? Some people get swept up in a home’s beauty and don’t realize the amount they’ll spend in their cars getting to the office, and the amount they’ll be spending on gas.
  13. Make sure the front door isn’t cracked or broken and old with a draft. It is also equally important to insure the door has a lock.
Take these 11 tips into consideration before signing the lease to ensure you’re getting a home that suits your needs!
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