3 Best Windows For Your Cottage

| 5 March 2015
When picking the best windows for your cottage, you want to take into consideration, which will allow for the most natural light, fit the style of your cottage, and provide durability.

Choosing Cottage Windows

Here are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing new windows: What Cottages Need Cottages need windows that are durable and come with an extended lifespan. The windows should be resistant to elements such as wind, rain, heat, and harsh weather. As most cottages are on the water, it’s likely that they see more extreme winter conditions like lakeside snowdrifts and temperature drops. New windows should be suitable to the cottage and be a perfect fit for the outer view of the property. You need a window that will not only look great inside and out, but also stand up to inclement weather and keep out would-be intruders while the cottage is vacant. Vinyl Materials for Windows Plastic has dominated the window market because you can “fix it and forget it.” It's the most practiced option, costs can vary based on quality. The downside is that vinyl windows can look less appealing, which can reduce the value of period cottages. Softwood is a popular option for those who want timber, but have a budget. The wood can be stained or painted and looks good on both new homes and cottages. Hardwoods have a tighter grain, which makes them more durable and stable. Hardwood offers a longer lifespan and a natural look that’s perfect for period-style homes. However, it's very expensive and can rank up to four times higher than softwood. 3 Best Window Options for Cottages Open-out Casements are available in a variety of formats and are a traditional British option, both historically and in the 20th century. Large casements are typically the least expensive, however you can select split casements for cottage-style designs. To keep the cost down, these are typically made in modular, standard sizing. Tilt and turn windows open inward and look best on modern cottage designs. The tilt option they provide offers both ventilation and security. Sash windows are common in Georgian and Victorian houses though they are still used in traditional homes. The sizes of these windows are not typical or standard, so it's important to make sure the size and look of each window will coincide with the size and look of your cottage. When buying new windows for your cottage, consider the style and look of your cottage and the different types of materials and options available. Choose the windows that work best for you and your budget. Landmark home Solutions can custom build a window that satisfies your budget!
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