3 Mistakes People Make In Window Grill Installations

| 7 December 2015

Your windows are more than just gateways to fresh outside air or aesthetically pleasing features that give your home or office its amazing curb appeal. They are also crucial barriers against the elements and potential intruders. The only problem is most windows are not standard equipped to best prevent break-ins. Even if you have a freshly installed set of double panes , you can never go wrong with added safety measures.

Window Grill

One excellent way to increase the strength of your residential or commercial windows is by installing window grills or security bars (the former of which are found in between the panes of glass and the latter being primarily used on the outside), their sole purpose is to protect occupants from burglaries and other unauthorized intrusions.

Affordable and effective against threats, steel bars are a sound way to enhance your home security. However, to avoid compromising their effectiveness, following the proper installation procedure is a must. This is where many DIYers are prone to error; from choosing the incorrect materials to avoiding key windows, below is a list of security bar installation no-nos!

Get Back to Basics With Your Window Grills

Spacing is Too wide
The whole point of security bars is to thwart criminals from getting inside; making the gaps between the bars is therefore counterproductive. Unfortunately, thousands of people make this mistake every year. Be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s spacing guidelines to avoid the hassle of re-installation.

Attempting to do the Job Solo
Unless you have a working knowledge of window installations, it is likely best to leave grill installs to the professionals. An expert will know precisely what material, thickness, and style to use, as well as make the ideal decision as far as placement is considered. As said, this is not a simple DIY job, especially since it pertains to protecting your home and business.

Underestimating the Cost
Although there are plenty of window grills on the market, most of which are priced quite competitively, certain models can be a bit pricey. Make sure you know how much this home improvement project will set you back before making a final commitment. Take into account what grills you need, times the number of windows that need them; this will give you a rough estimate for determining your budget.

You should not trust your window grill installation with any old company. Landmark Home Solutions has the equipment and expertise you would expect from a seasoned window and door contractor. Our team guarantees the safety and security of your home or office, no matter what!

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