4 Home Improvement Plans To Try This Year

| 16 March 2016

If you’re looking to change the look of your home this year, there are numerous modelling trends that could inspire your home improvement project. In this article, we’re taking a look at which upgrades will make the largest impact.

Home Improvement Plans

  1. Change your colours

    Each year, industry experts across the globe pick certain colours that reflect the changing moods and attitudes of different cultures, which ultimately influence interior design and fashion trends. In 2016, the special colours expected to influence the industry are Serenity and Rose Quartz – a periwinkle blue and pale pink combination. For a sense of these colours, consider the blue and pink plastic pegs you add to your car in the board game ‘Life.’

  2. Stone and Tile Accent Walls

    If you’re still painting your walls or using wallpaper, consider the new way of popping an accent wall in any room of your home with stone or tile. Try some new materials such as metallic tiles and reclaimed barn wood; or full walls of tile in the bath and kitchen to replace your partial horizontal backsplashes.

    You may also consider full wall fireplace surrounds in tile, stone, or masonry that run from the floor to the ceiling to create focal points in your living room, bedroom, or any other non-traditional room.

  3. Energy efficient doors and windows

    Doors and windows are essential components that play a huge role in keeping your interiors energy efficient and comfortable.

    Old and failing exterior doors not only result in huge energy loss, but also compromise the health and safety of your living spaces. Consider upgrading your patio doors, garden doors, and other entry doors with energy efficient doors made from durable materials that can withstand harsh elements while protecting your interiors from security threats; and high performance low-E4 glass to keep solar heat from damaging your furniture, walls, and flooring.

    For your windows, there are numerous custom designs to choose from that come with advanced glass packages, such as the high performance Low-E4 option that helps to maintain thermal stability inside your rooms, keeping your interiors comfortable without using more energy on your air conditioning unit.

  4. Open floor plan

    Open layouts have been trending for a while now, and the design continues to appeal to many homeowners in 2016, especially with the kitchen as the main focus. Rather than expanding your home’s footprint, you simply maximise on the existing square footage by opening the walls and creating more functional layouts so you have a larger living and gathering area.

Living room updates, with regard to decor and space planning, door and window replacements, and room remodels are just some of the things to consider when planning your home improvement project. They will not only make your living space more comfortable, but also increase the resale value of your home! For more information, talk to our experts today.

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