4 Reasons to Choose Sliding Windows

| 21 December 2015

Widely considered the best of both worlds in the window market, sliding windows have long been used in residential construction. Easy to open and close, highly durable and low-maintenance, it is no wonder more and more homeowners are choosing these types of windows for their renovation projects.

Sliding Windows

Although they work best in kitchens and bathrooms, you can install sliding models virtually anywhere; horizontal opening systems offer multiple advantages over their outward opening coequals! From convenience to cost, sliding windows have a competitive edge over a number of alternative models.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Easy to Open and Close
All it takes is a simple latch release and sliding motion to operate these window opening systems, making them excellent for individuals who prefer ease of use over complexity. Given their absence of multiple mechanical components, including hand cranks and other parts that can often jam, sliding windows are understandably growing in popularity.

Not Much Maintenance
In line with the latter, a lack of excess parts gives sliding windows the advantage of minimalism in the maintenance department. The long-term operational costs thus tends to be a lot cheaper, especially since most homeowners neglect window upkeep from time to time.

As Resilient as They Come
It may seem counterintuitive, but the simpler construction and design of sliding windows gives them the upper hand in terms of durability as well. While the new springs and pulleys on alternative window types are indeed strong, this initial strength typically goes away due to gradual wear and tear.

More Functional Than you Might Think
Glazing and ventilation are two of the top factors to consider when purchasing any replacement window; sliding types provide excellent insulation (i.e. improved energy-efficiency) and greater airflow due to their non-obstructive design when opened.

By now, it’s probably apparent that sliding windows are worth giving a second look. Their unique design offers multiple advantages compared to conventional models, both with respect to looks and functionality. Easy to open, able to withstand years of use with ease, and cost-effective over time, it is no surprise more and more homeowners are upgrading to sliders!

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