4 Things To Know About Double Hung Windows

| 22 December 2015

Double hung windows are currently one of the most popular kind of window that’s used in homes, but did you know that it’s been the consumer’s choice ever since the 1800’s? Even with all the developments in manufacturing and design, there hasn’t been too many alterations to the original blueprint.

Double Hung Windows

Let’s go over some of the most interesting facts about double hung windows, which we use everyday:

Double hung windows come in a variety of sizes
Typically the larger the window in a house, the classier the setting, mostly because large windows imply high ceilings which are often featured in grand homes. Large windows aren’t just reserved for bay windows — it’s possible to operate double hung windows, which lets in a great amount of sunlight and fresh air when opened. No matter the size of room you’re planning on installing your windows in, double hung windows will present a great option.

They offer a versatile framework for different designs
If you get tired of patterns quickly, then double hung windows are an ideal choice because you can either choose identical styles for the upper and lower sash of the window, or choose different ones. A common pairing is lining the upper sash with muntins while leaving the bottom sash plain since your eyeline is mostly focussed on what’s seen through the lower sash, and having muntin bars would only clutter up the view outdoors.

They’re Easy to clean
Most double hung windows have removable sashes meaning you can take them to an area that’s water-safe and wash them without worrying about getting water on things that react poorly when exposed to water. Window sashes that are smaller will be easier to wash, but their removal and replacement are based on simple mechanisms making it easy to do.

They originated from England
Double hung windows were first introduced to North America during colonial times, meaning that historical buildings from that time period will still have them. Originally they only came in the form that slides up and down, but now there is the option to have them both as pivot windows, either slanting inwards or outwards.

Double hung windows are a great option in most cases, but there are other choices as well. Combining casement, awning, hopper, and slider windows with double hung windows gives your home visual appeal from the outside. Call today to learn more!

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