4 Tips To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

| 13 September 2017

One of the most depressing feelings in the world is walking into a room with absolutely no natural light. There is an instinctive feeling of uneasiness in a room where you can’t see the light of day, with nothing for comfort but artificial light from above. In fact, many people’s main consideration when looking for a place to live or rent is how much natural light the place is going to get. If you are trying to bring more natural light into your home, below are four tips that will help you.

How To Add More Natural Light To Your Home

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are great additions to rooms that face away from the sun for most of the day because they reflect, and thereby maximize the natural light in a room. This is key especially if the room is a bedroom, or an area where guests and family will be spending a lot of time. A couple of mirrors strategically placed in a room can make it look and feel like it is on the opposite, sun exposed, side of the house.

New Windows

New windows are also a fantastic way to ensure that your home is getting as much natural light as possible. New, energy efficient windows are designed to filter out UV rays, while allowing as much light in as possible, regulating both the luminescence inside your home, as well as the temperature, creating a much warmer room all around.

Sheer Draperies

In addition to new windows, you can also replace your current window treatments if you find they are blocking out too much light. Many people are hesitant to have their shades completely open at all times, because it cuts down on privacy, but a great compromise you can make that will still allow light in is to opt for sheer draperies over your windows instead of things like traditional Roman shades.

Add a Skylight

New windows don’t just have to be windows on the side of your home, they can also be a skylight or two. Skylight are great for rooms that don’t get a lot of sun to begin with, because a window in the roof means it doesn’t matter where the sun is, there is always somewhere for it to shine through.

Finding ways to maximize the amount of natural light in your home not only makes your rooms brighter and easier to see in, the natural light and connection to the outside world is also a big morale boost, and really improves the quality of life inside your home. Keep the above natural light maximization tips in mind, and ensure your home is always well lit in the most natural way possible.

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