4 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

| 7 December 2015

Everyone worries about personal safety and the safety of family members, but it’s better to take action in advance than to let your worry sit and stew. Most recommendations to improve security fall under two main categories: making a structural change to your home or change your day-to-day habits; either way, you don’t have to spend lots of money in order to feel safer.

Home Security Tips

Remember to always have your keys with you
A survey reveals that in some cases, up to 4% of home burglaries are a result of homeowners storing a spare key around the front entrance (under the entrance mat, under potted plants, etc.). You may know more than one person who stores their spare key near the front entrance and who has also avoided break-and-entry, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good practice! If carrying your house key with you during the day is too much of a hassle, or you simply need a way to allow emergency entry to your home for trusted friends or family, consider installing a lock with a keypad. This will eliminate the possibility of a burglar finding your key, and will still give you peace of mind knowing that you can let people in your house when needed.

Don’t broadcast your absence
Your home is most vulnerable to burglary when you’re not there, and being away from home for extended periods of time can guarantee that a thief won’t be caught red-handed or that the crime won’t be reported promptly. If you’re going on vacation, only inform the people who need to know, such as your employer or a trusted neighbour who can also keep an eye out on your property for you.

Control lighting in and around your home
A combination of bright lights and motion detectors will alert you or your neighbours to potential intruders, providing time to respond and call the police before any damage can really occur.

The motion detectors should be placed strategically in the pathway leading to intrusion, and the lights should illuminate around large objects, removing all available hiding spots. In addition, having good lighting inside your home at night is almost an advertisement for passersby, and it’s an especially bad idea if you have something worth stealing clearly visible from the front of the house.

Secure your door
If your door gives way with a single kick to the front, then it’s time to replace your door. No amount of add-on locks will make you safer. Some doors are manufactured to be harder to bypass by:

  • having a superior hinge system
  • using stronger materials, such as steel or other effective composite
  • installing a peep-hole so you don’t have to open the door t is knocking

Your front door is the first thing an intruder checks, so don’t let your home be an easy target, and see what you can do to make your home safer.

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