5 Hidden Home Design Gems

| 13 July 2015

Having a home is one thing. Having a unique home that all your friends talk about is a completely different one. There are thousands of ways to make your house stick out from the others in the neighborhood. You can buy dual purpose furniture, changing the room into a gaming area in a matter of seconds. You can focus on a specific style, giving your home a summer beach look in the middle of suburbia.

Hidden Home Design Gems

Dual Furniture

Being able to give a room multiple purposes is a good way to utilize space while also creating a special kind of look. Getting dual furniture, items that have multiple purposes, is the just the way to do that!

Having a door that folds out into a Ping-Pong table, or a dining table that opens up as a billiards set can change the atmosphere of the room immediately. While these options are more on the ‘fun’ side of design, practical uses of dual furniture can be found in benches that double as storage units.

Color Schemes

Colors are tricky to work with. If you pick two colors that don't match quite right, you could be looking at your home for years with the feeling that something is off. If you're colors blend well they can evoke strong feelings of places from all over the world.

Painting your porch in sand and aqua can make people think of sitting on the beach watching the ocean, while mint and white can soften your home's appearance with some spring time appeal. A simple change of color can transform your entire home’s design!

Under-Stair Storage

Utilizing space effectively is important in home design. If you're able to keep your extra appliances and gadgets tucked away, then you have that much more space for general decor. The space under a staircase is all open air, so turning it into storage is a matter of creating a hole in the drywall and installing cupboards or drawers. With just a weekend’s work you'll be able to store away your things without sacrificing space elsewhere.

Decorate Small Rooms with One Design

In a smaller space, decor can become a problem. The room won't be able to fit any of the big pieces you like, and too many small decorations will make the room seem cluttered.

To help fill the room up and make it stand out, consider filling it with a single look. Pick a fabric design you like, and cover most of the surfaces in the room with it when possible. Anything that doesn't have this design will be noticed immediately, giving you the power to focus your guests eyes to specific areas.

Additionally you can choose a consistent theme to use throughout the space (like a Parisian experience or an Asian inspiration), you’ll have an easier time creating a coherent look with minimal pieces. A picture of the French countryside, a small figurine of the Eiffel tower and a decorative pillow with French writing on it accompanied by light pastels and nude tones will allow you to convey one design without much effort.

Flower Boxes

Don’t underestimate the power of well-placed flower box! If you're planning to have any kind of garden or plants in your yard, think about first putting in a flower box. They will grow and bloom quicker than any shrubs you might put in, and can even bring a fresh outlook to your windows!

Design is all about adding your personality. Think about what makes you you and use that to take your home to the next level!

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