5 Homes That Suit Garden Doors

| 30 March 2016

Garden doors come in a range of hinge and swing options for the ultimate installation flexibility, as well as different designs to suit a wide range of home styles.

Garden Door

Here are some home styles that could use a strong, durable, safe, and weather resistant garden door:

  1. French country

    Just as the name suggests, this home style springs from the moderate hills and valleys that are characteristic of rural France. The French country style is built on local traditions and cherished items handed down through generations, producing a simple, sincere, and effortlessly stylish look.

    The gardens tend to be more informal with a blend of softer plantings, bolder flower colours, and loosely planted and unstructured planting beds, though they still maintain a sense of order.

  2. Shabby Chic

    The key feature of the shabby chic home style is aged furniture. In some instances, it is preferred for its appearance of age with signs of wear and tear, though it can also be distressed to give the impression of an antique.

    This soft style is ideal for cottages, though it can be used with homes as well to add a feminine touch to your interior.

  3. Glam Decor

    This style has had quite a number of evolutions over the years, with its latest reincarnation being “Hollywood Regency”. It is glamorous with formal, luxurious, and sumptuous textures, and may include wallpaper, damask prints.

    In many instances, it is layered with some type of bling in the final touches, and may even include a crystal chandelier for extra sparkle, making it more feminine than masculine.

  4. Industrial chic

    This is a recent home decorating style that came about due to recycling or loft conversion spaces. Its rawness gives it a sense of masculinity, with weathered woods and industrial objects to create a distinct jazzed environment to unwind or entertain. For more personalisation, you can add old signs, metal letters, or machine parts.

  5. Coastal style

    Once associated with only seaside living, coastal decor has become mainstream, and is displayed as an all over design that inspires a serene setting through the use of texture, colour, and organic accessories. Owing to its old school attributes, the coastal style offers a range of variations for both traditional and modern versions.

There are many other home styles that could benefit from garden doors, including the rustic style (a blend of French Country, Country, Farmhouse modern, and Shabby chic), transitional, mid-century modern, and preppy, among others.

If you’re looking for new garden doors, contact our team today for help with making the best selection for your space!

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