5 Improvements You Should Make To Your Home This Summer

| 17 July 2015
Your home isn't just a place to hang your hat, but a lifelong project that you can work at for as long as you're there. The summer marks a time when you'll be able to work on major projects that you were forced to wait to start because of the winter weather. Summer Home Improvements Just a few of the many good summer projects you can take on this year are listed below! Take care of broken tree branches and bushes The summer months can bring just as much bad weather as they do good. Check each of your trees for any broken branches or to see if they need to be pruned. Make sure that your trees and shrubs are healthy, and that a strong wind will not knock them over. Keeping your landscaping trimmed will also improve the look of your yard and the health of your trees and shrubs. To help your plants grow, you can also add mulch around the base to keep weeds away and prevent soil from drying out. Replace old windows and install energy efficient ones After a hard winter, window seals on older windows can weaken or break. If that happens, cold air will flow out of your home, which will cause an increase in your electric bill. Be sure to re-caulk any windows that the weather stripping has been worn away on. For windows that have taken more severe damage or that are simply too old, consider replacing them with energy efficient models. It would also be wise to add storm shutters if you live in an area known for severe weather. Repair your driveway Cracking and shifting can occur in your driveway as the years go by. When that happens chunks of it can potentially break off, leaving small holes that will grow into larger ones. For small cracks there are products sold from hardware stores that will let you patch and reseal them up. If the cracks are too big or there are too many to be dealt with, it would be best to call in for professional help. Build a deck What better place to spend time with family and friends than on your own deck? There are many different kinds to get, and picking them boils down to the look you are after and what you'll be doing on it. If you enjoy lighting backyard fires and cooking steaks on the grill, invest in a brick or concrete deck with a fire pit. When you're just looking to spend some time outside, enjoy a nice meal or relax on a swinging bench, look to getting a wooden deck. Whichever option you go with, ensure that your patio doors fall in line with your deck’s décor for added appeal! Improve your curb appeal This kind of improvement isn't only meant to improve the look of your home, but also make your home more appreciable for future buyers. Putting up a fresh coat of paint, updating your yard, and putting on new doors will make your home that much easier to sell. If you ever decide that you want to sell your home, it will be important that people walk up and think that the home will require little work.
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