5 Trending Door Decor Options For Spring

| 7 March 2016

With warmer temperatures fast approaching, it’s time to revamp not just your wardrobe, but your home as well. The front door is usually one of the first parts of your home that your guests and visitors see, and the perfect spot for you to create a good first impression. Fortunately, front doors are incredibly easy to decorate and can make quite an impact.

Trending Door Decorations

Here are a few top spring décor ideas for your door:

  1. Hang a wreath
  2. Spring is the brightest season of all, and is characterized by lots of colors blooming everywhere and green fresh leaves. As such, this can be a great theme for your spring door decoration.

    A wreath is a great way to capture attention and transform an ordinary entry into a magnificent one. There are endless wreath options with vibrant spring flowers and pastel ribbons to choose from. You can also make a wreath from bundles of twigs connected with twine and then attach some ornaments.

  3. Flower-based wreath alternatives
  4. A beautiful wreath on a front door is quite breathtaking, though it does not leave much room for creativity. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box way to display colorful spring flowers on your front door, you may consider:

    • Filling a low-cost straw tote with flowers
    • Filling a transparent, colored, or decorated umbrella with colorful flowers/branches and tying them with a ribbon
    • Filling some rain boots with beautiful flowers
    • Filling an old watering can with colorful flowers
  5. Painted door
  6. A fresh coat of paint is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to refresh the look of your front door this spring. Consider a splash of dazzling color to make it stand out from all the neutral tones in your neighborhood. You can pick any color that inspires you, from the turquoise of a garden bench to the red of a weathered barn to the yellow of a buttercup.

  7. Surround it with light
  8. Consider hanging a strand of lights around the front door as a way to celebrate the spring holidays. You can find string lights with hearts for Valentine’s Day or shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Simply install some hooks around the door frame to support the lights and remove them with ease once the holiday is over. You can leave the cup hooks in place for subsequent decorations.

  9. Letter monogram
  10. Giant letter monograms offer a great way to pay homage to your family name. You can purchase a huge letter from a craft store or simply cut out your initials from a piece of hardboard. You can cover the letters with shells, paint, buttons, twine, moss, fabric, or anything else you like and then hang it.

There are many other ways to decorate a front door, including hanging a chalkboard with a welcome message or inspiring quote; hanging a decorated but empty picture frame; hanging a peculiar wood cut out; or simply adding an eye-catching doormat embellished with a monogram or other design.

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