5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Spring

| 24 February 2016

Spring is a wonderful time characterized by the emergence of new life from the frozen ground and brittle branches. It is the season of warmer breezes, longer days, and blooming flowers. So, how do you make a smooth transition from the cozy winter to the sunny spring? Here are a few suggestions:

Cleaning Gutters

  1. Inspect the gutters and downspouts
  2. You need to check your gutters at least twice a year: in the fall after all the trees have shed their leaves, and after the buildup of snow and ice in winter. Check the entire perimeter starting from the ground to ensure that no section has detached from the house.

    Use a ladder to check for clogs and ensure that water is draining properly out of the downspouts and at a good distance from the foundation. This is also a good time to perform a visual inspection of the chimney and shingles to check for any damage. If you find it hard to access high areas, consider hiring a contractor for thorough inspection.

  3. Fix cracks around your home
  4. The harsh winter elements may have created cracks in your walkways, foundation, and patio that may allow water to get into your house, causing severe damage. It is important that you get these fixed as soon as possible before the spring rain causes more expensive damage.

    You may also need to adjust your walkways and patio to allow drainage away from the house so water does not settle near the foundation.

  5. Evaluate your windows for air leaks and gaps
  6. Any spaces between your windows can allow water and critters into your home. If the damage is repairable, scrape off any old sealant and replace it. If you have wooden sills or trim, inspect them for signs of decay and fix or replace them as needed. In the event of air leaks, you need to decide whether to repair or replace your windows to keep drafts out, improve energy efficiency, and lower your energy bills.

  7. Check your air conditioning unit
  8. It is important that you get a certified professional to inspect your air conditioning unit at the start of every season to ensure safety and prolong the life of the equipment. You may also be spending more time outdoors and doing some home cooking, so consider inspecting your gas barbeque, as well as all outdoor receptacles, taps, and lighting.

Lastly, declutter the entire house – inside and outside. Move any firewood or junk that was placed outside so the damp ground can dry properly to avoid insects. Clean the fireplace and furnace filter, check the fire and smoke detectors, draw back the drapes and open the windows to let in light and fresh air, dust the house, and revamp your wardrobe.

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