6 FAQs Of First Time Window Buyers

| 2 March 2016

Considering buying new replacement windows for your home? Replacing your old doors and windows is a major investment that most homeowners hope to make only once in their lifetime, which is why you want to make an informed decision about your purchasing priorities.

Window Buyers

Getting the perfect windows for your home requires proper thought and research. So, here are some common questions to guide you during this process:

  1. Should I repair my old windows or get new ones?
  2. New windows offer a myriad of benefits, including energy savings, lower maintenance, smoother operation, easier cleaning, and fewer drafts, among others. However, they’re expensive, and the cost of installation is also quite high. To determine whether or not you need replacement windows, ask yourself the following questions:

  3. Are my old windows a bother?
  4. You need to consider how comfortable you are with the minor maintenance jobs required to keep your old windows in good condition. But certain more serious issues, regardless of your maintenance efforts, can really only be fixed by replacing your old windows. If you’re struggling with any of the following, it might be time for new windows:

    • Difficulty sliding, lifting, or swinging
    • Rotting wood on old windows that haven’t been painted and maintained often enough (new windows have aluminum, composite or vinyl cladding that does not require maintenance)
    • Condensation between panes (eliminated in high-efficiency glass)
    • You have a need for storm windows
  5. How comfortable are my old windows?
  6. Single-pane windows do not offer enough insulation in cold weather, causing the rooms to feel chilly and dry. In warm, sunny weather, they cause the room to feel overheated and uncomfortable. New energy-efficient windows with double or triple-pane glass, on the other hand, improve the comfort of your rooms by reducing cold drafts, condensation, and the chill of cold glass in cool weather, and blocking much of the heat caused by direct sunlight while permitting light to come through.

  7. Are my old windows worth repairing?
  8. Although most old windows can be repaired and restored if you’re willing to set aside the time required, it may not necessarily be worth the cost and effort. It would be more rational to replace your old windows if they have started to rot, the casement windows are sagging, the double-pane glass is fogging, and the replacement parts are hard to find.

  9. How should I replace my windows?
  10. There are generally two ways to replace old windows. The easiest way involves removing the old sashes and slipping a window into the window frame, which has the least impact on the appearance of your home. Alternatively, you can remove the old frame and window completely, and fit in a new window, which is more difficult and time consuming, though this gives your rooms a new fresh look.

  11. Should I replace all of them at once?
  12. New windows will definitely change the appearance of your home, irrespective of how close you match them to your old ones, so it is best to change them all at once. If you have a limited budget, consider replacing the windows on one side or level (for multiple floor houses) first, to deliver a consistent appearance. Each window installation takes about 30 minutes, and the entire process may take 4-8 weeks.

The quality of your new windows is also an important consideration, which you can break down into the following features: appearance, ease of cleaning, ease of operation, availability of spare parts for easy repair, choice of glass, and warranties (up to 20 years or lifetime).

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