A Homeowner’s Guide To Creating The Perfect Foyer

| 4 April 2016

A foyer/entryway is one of the most important areas in a home. It’s the part of the house that the entire neighbourhood can see, so it sets the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the house. It’s important that your foyer is both functional and welcoming.

Perfect Foyer

Here is how you can create the perfect foyer:

Creating a Great First Impression

Before even entering your home and seeing your decor, there are two big items that will give guests and passersby a strong first impression of your home:

  • Your Front Entryway Door

    There are different types of doors including vinyl, wood, fiberglass or steel – all which have their benefits, and all which greatly vary in aesthetics. Wood can provide your home with security and a classic and elegant look, while fiberglass offers a modern and sleek feel while also being very energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

  • Your Windows

    Bay windows, sliding windows, picture windows – There’s a variety to choose from, each different than the last and each with it’s own unique look and feel. Not only will changing your windows change the outward appearance of your home, but it will prevent drafts and high energy bills.

Essential Items for Functionality and Organization:

  • Table/Storage Bench or Shelf

    Depending on the amount of space you have, every foyer should have either a table or shelf to hold keys, mail and loose change. It makes leaving the house easier while giving a home to items that can get lost easily. A table with storage space inside is especially ideal, as it’s also a great place to store seasonal items.

  • Shoe Rack or Shoe Mat

    This ensures that shoes have a designated spot and don’t end up all over the floor, keeping the area organized and presentable.

  • Coat Rack or Wall Hooks

    It is essential that your foyer have a place for coats, purses and scarves if you don’t have a closet to house these items already. A small coat rack or simple all hooks are the perfect inexpensive solution for these everyday items.

  • A Large Mirror

    A large mirror is useful not only so you can double check your look before before leaving the house, but also to open up the foyer, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

  • Table Lamp

    While a lot of foyers have an overhead light, it is a good idea to have a second source of light, such as a table lamp. This is practical for coming home at night, as well as for creating a nice atmosphere for yourself and guests upon entering your home.

Decorating Your Foyer:

  • Carpet Runner

    A carpet runner is practical in the sense that it protects your floors while also absorbing noise, which is ideal for downstairs dwellers. However, carpet runners can also make your foyer inviting while defining the space.

  • Umbrella Stand

    If you have the space, an umbrella stand is a great option for not only storing your umbrellas in a convenient location, but also adding a classic, decorative touch.

  • Vase of Flowers

    A vase of flowers, whether real or artificial, is a great way to incorporate the spring season into your home. Use colours that are bright and that match the rest of your home’s decor. If your foyer is mostly baby blues and grays, try using vibrant hues of blue and whites that will pop against the softer tones of your walls.

It’s completely possible to create the perfect foyer, regardless of the space you are working with. Remember that windows and doors are also key factors. In fact, replacing these items can result in increased savings and curb appeal, in addition to adding value to your home as a whole. Contact the Landmark team today for more information.

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