Change The Look Of Your Home With These Tips

| 29 April 2015

Home Renovation Tips

Between house-hunting reality shows and numerous articles on the web regarding mortgages, this saying gets thrown around a lot. Is it really that important? The answer is a big resounding, YES! Giving your home a boost in the looks department increases its curb-appeal and resale value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, changing your home’s look will breathe fresh air – literally and figuratively, depending on what you decide to alter – into your property. Give your home a face-lift with these tips:
  • Change your garage door: Going from a roll up door to one that swings out will completely change the look of your garage. Or, if you have a wooden garage door, switch it for an aluminum or steel model.
  • If you’re working on a budget, you can even do something as simple as changing the garage door’s colour to something a little bolder and attention-grabbing.
  • Spruce up the paint job: Your home’s exterior paint may be in need of a touch up if it has faded over time, or you can change the colour altogether.
  • Maybe your front door doesn’t match the shutters and window trim? If that’s the case, try changing the colour of your windows, too! Colours like black, brown and taupe add a classic look to any home. No matter what you choose to do, a new coat of paint is a great way to give your home a little extra zest.
  • Add a false gable: By installing a false gable, your house will look like it has two floors, even if it doesn’t. This trick actually changes the perception of your home and makes it more appealing to both passersby and potential buyers when you’re selling.
  • Landscaping: This is an easy way to showcase your home’s exterior without going overboard.
  • If you have large bushes and unnecessary shrubbery clouding your front lawn, get rid of it! Don't hide your home behind giant bushes. Greenery is good but not when it overpowers your entranceway and conceals your beautiful home’s façade. However, trees are the exception. If you have a large tree on your property, inquire with your city before you decide to cut it down. Depending on where the tree is located (even if it appears to be on your property) it may belong to the city and you will need a special permit to so much as remove even the teeniest leaf.
  • Update your siding: Between vinyl, aluminum or wooden options, new siding can enrich the look of your home. With gorgeous siding, your home will look brand new.
  • Upgrading your windows: If your home lacks in energy-efficient windows, you better start considering the idea of upgrading your current windows! Energy-efficient windows have a wide variety of advantages, including the benefit of reduced heating and cooling costs, reduced condensation, and increased lighting to name a few.
  • Replacing your front door: The front door is typically the first thing that catches the attention of anyone visiting your home. It’s simply, there. The number one reason to replace your front door would be the obvious- to add curb appeal. Replacing a drafty front door will also improve energy efficiency as well as security.
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